Welcome to Nordic Nails & Beauty

We create high-performing formulas with a dedication to delivering innovative professional Vegan Cruelty-Free nail beauty products. A favourite, among Vegan Cruelty-Free nail tech influencers and professionals. We offer performance-winning formulas and a diverse range of nail beauty products.

Organic raw material from Germany's forest. Raw materials define what GD is. We use 100% natural and organic gel which made from trees. Our gel is bio-medical level.

GD keeps making efforts on animal protection by changing the production and experimental policy among our partners, improving experimental techniques of data analysis and sharing information with our partners and researchers.

Every deal with GD stands for a little support for Animal Protection.

We are a vegan cruelty-free Nail Beauty brand for professional.

We're here to promote good with our vegan cruelty-free nail products so that you can offer totally vegan cruelty-free nail services to your clients.