GD French Dip Powder Starter Kit

1.695,00 kr

GD vegansk og Cruelty Free Dip System.

Our user-friendly dip powder feels natural and does not damage the nail bed. 

Formulated without strong chemicals and with complex bonds that prevent it from chipping, discoloring and lifting.
Our dipping starter set comes with everything you need to create an elegant French manicure or beautiful colored sets with a full cover.

Dipping is durable and less time consuming than other nail techniques.

Dip System Starter Kit includes:

- Bond (15 ml/ 0,5 fl oz)

- Base (15 ml/ 0,5 fl oz)

- Seal Protect (15 ml/ 0,5 fl oz)

- Top (15 ml/ 0,5 fl oz)

- Nourish Oil (15 ml/ 0,5 fl oz) fl oz)

- Brush Saver (15 ml/ 0,5 fl oz)


- Natural Powder (28g / 1 oz)

- Pure White (28g / 1 oz)

- Light Pink Powder (28g / 1 oz)

- Medium Pink Powder (28g / 1 oz)

- Dark Pink Powder (28g / 1 oz) 

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