Orange wood stick (pack of 12)

99,00 kr
  • You can use the rounded end to clean under the nail. Make sure that you use it to clean the underside of the nail itself and not the skin under the nail, as this should only be cleaned with a soft nail brush. Avoid damaging the skin under the nail with sharp objects and metal tools.
  • You can also use the rounded end as a cuticle pusher after taking a manicure bath or using cuticle oil.
  • Wet the tip of the stick and you've got the perfect tool for lifting up nail decorations to apply to the nail. Use glossy nail polish over the decoration so that it is firmly attached and the surface is smooth so that it doesn't catch on anything.
  • Have you spilled nail polish on the skin around the edge of your nail? With Orange Wood Stick, it's a breeze to remove it. Simply wrap some cotton from a cotton ball around one tip, moisten it with nail polish remover and you have a handy tool for removing nail polish from unwanted places! Never run out of Orange Wood Sticks.
  • Use it as a stirring stick for gels and nail polish.
  • If the gel runs out and gets close to the skin, take the pointed end of your Orange Wood Stick and drag it lightly along the edges to remove excess product before curing in the UV light, so the result is neat and you avoid lifting.

Wipe the stick on a lint-free wipe dampened with a little UV Gel Finishing Cleanser or disinfectant spray.

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